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 Press Coverage

“On campus, creating an illusion by crime data”

Philadelphia Inquirer 1/2/06 — For the last four years, West Chester University has been all but free of serious crime. At least that’s what the school told the federal government, and what it assured students and parents on its Web site. Last month, though, as an Inquirer examination of campus police logs began turning up multiple sexual assaults and burglaries, the university revised the low crime figures it had filed with the U.S. Department of Education.

“No more hiding of sex assaults”

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/28/05— TCNJ efforts to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault and available resources for victims have contributed to an environment that is conducive for victims to report sexual assault more often than in past years.

“Reporting of sex offenses improves at TCNJ”

The Times 10/24/05 — Four years ago, The College of New Jersey was fined by a federal agency for covering up the number of crimes, including sex assaults, occurring on its campus. Now, statistics show the school is reporting more forcible sex offenses than many other colleges in New Jersey, including some far larger institutions.

“State defines guidelines for sex assault victims”

The Times 4/19/05– NJ’s Attorney General, Peter Harvey, announces a new set of guidelines for dealing with victims of sexual assault during a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) training at TCNJ.

“Grant to help stop violence against women”

The Signal 11/9/05 — For the second time since 2003, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women has awarded the College a two-year grant – totaling $181,575 – to help combat violence against women on campus.

“Sexual assault reports rise”

The Signal 10/19/05 — In its most recent Campus Security report, the College disclosed 17 forcible sexual assaults in 2004, close to double the nine reported for 2003. That nine was more than four times the number reported in 2002. The increase, College officials say, is actually a good thing.

“Students lend a hand to end domestic violence”

The Signal 10/19/05 — “One in five teenagers will be in some kind of abusive relationship before the age of 20,” James Lopez, member of the sexual assault task force and senior criminology and justice studies major, said. “It’s a big over-arching statistic. A lot of people don’t like to talk about it. And if they do, they don’t know what resources are available.”

“Good guys come to the rescue”

The Signal 9/21/05 — Would you know what to do if someone told you that they were a sexual assault victim? A small group of about 10 male students at the College gathered in the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge last Wednesday night to answer this question.

“Ladies, watch out for nice guys”

The Signal 9/21/05 —The differences between good guys and bad guys are clear as day. The good guy helps old ladies cross the street and buys his mom flowers. The bad guy dresses in black leather, holds up convenience stores and eats a balanced breakfast of whiskey and cigarettes.

“Office of Anti-Violence Initiatives Earns Second Federal Grant”

TCNJ Update October 05 — In late September, the College received word that the Office of Anti-Violence Initiatives (OAVI) was approved for refunding by a grant from the United States Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. The two-year grant totals $181,575.