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Initial Contact Advocacy Network


The Initial Contact Advocacy Network (ICAN) is a safety net for all victims and survivors of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking within the TCNJ community.  The Network facilitates access to the myriad of resources and service-providers available to victims/survivors.  ICAN offers alternative entry points to resources for victims/survivors who would otherwise be hesitant to utilize mainstream campus and community services. ICAN operates as part of TCNJ’s victim-response system through a network of empathetic listeners with an interdisciplinary background. The ICAN members attend an initial training and are kept up to date on current issues impacting victims/survivors under the supervision of Anti-Violence Initiatives (AVI).

All ICAN members will be easily identified by an ICAN placard placed visibly on or around their door.

ICAN Membership

  • ICAN members can be TCNJ faculty, staff, or administrators who maintain regular or reliable hours in an on-campus office.
  • ICAN members are capable of maintaining privacy, but DO NOT hold the privilege of  legal confidentiality.
  • All ICAN members are willing and able to provide access to resources and services in accordance with the training.
  • All ICAN members are 18 years old or over.
  • All ICAN members complete appropriate documentation including anonymous reports  in support of the Clery Act.

Current ICAN Members

Participant Department Email Extn. Building
Lynn Bradley Chemistry Faculty 3013 Science Complex
Barbara Clark Student Health Services Nurse Practitioner 2889 Eickhoff
Dave Conner Fraternity & Sorority Life Assistant Director 3125 Student Center
Robbin Loonan Anti-Violence Initiatives Coordinator 2272 Holman
Tabitha Dell’Angelo Elementary Education Faculty 3354 Forcina
Joe Hadge Alcohol & Drug Education Program (ADEP)Coordinator 2571 Holman
Lynette Harris Career Center 3371 Forcina
Holly Heller Student Health Services Nurse Practitioner 2889 Eickhoff
Dawn Henderson Sr. Associate Director of Athletics / Women’s Basketball Coach 3030 Recreation Center
Sally Miller Softball Coach 2365 Recreation Center
Grecia Montero Admissions 3101 Loser
Amanda Norvell Biology Faculty 3439 Biology Building
Marcia O’Connell Biology Faculty 2879 Biology Building
Georgeann O’Leary Student Health Services Nurse Practitioner 2889 Eickhoff
Antonino Scarpati Nursing, Health, & Exercise Science Assistant Dean 2447 Loser
Anntarie Sims Communication Studies Faculty 2125 Kendall
Felicia Steele English Faculty 2698 Bliss
Brunelle Tomsky Psychology Department Staff 2427 Social Sciences
Tina Tormey Residential Education & Housing Assistant Director 3279 Allen
Janice Vermeychuk Student Health Services Director / Nurse Practitioner 2841 Eickhoff
Linda Young Student Health Services Registered Nurse 2889 Eickhoff

Goals of ICAN

ICAN is a victim-centered program.  Victim/survivor assistance is second only to victim/survivor safety.  Therefore, the dual purpose of ICAN is to advertise to the victim/survivor that a known safe haven is available to her/him and that the person in that safe haven can help her/him become informed about medical, legal, and mental health resources both on and off campus.  The goals of ICAN are as follows:

  • To minimize re-victimization that occurs from discussing the incident with multiple sources.
  • To always empower the victim/survivor.
  • To hold the victim/survivor in unconditional positive regard and without judgment.
  • To make victims/survivors aware that an ICAN member is not trained to provide professional care to the victim/survivor.
  • To clarify that confidentiality cannot* be ensured, but privacy will be.
  • To expedite the victim to professional care where confidentiality can be ensured if desired by the victim/survivor.
  • To make the victim/survivor aware of resources both on- and off -campus via use of the CARE (Choice~Advocacy~Respect~Empowerment) Package.

*Any questions about the limitations of confidentiality can be directed to Robbin Loonan, AVI and ICAN Coordinator


ICAN members must complete a 1/2 day training to receive an ICAN Placard.

Training covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Domestic/Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking
  • Resource and Referral Training with the CARE Package
  • Mandatory Reporting Procedures