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MILES (Men for Integrity, Leadership, and Ethics in Society) is TCNJ’s space for men-identifying folks to discuss the issues and challenges they face on a college campus, gender socialization, and the role men can play in the prevention of power-based personal violence. This program delves into hyper-masculinity, what it is, and how it develops. By doing so, MILES is looking at traditional masculine traits such as strength, hypersexuality, and stoicism and seeking to re-envision them and increase identity flexibility and gender equity.

MILES supports a student group, designed in conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Counselor Education, as a place to discuss topics related to identity development as individuals, masculinity in society and on college campuses, and the role men can play as leaders in the prevention of power-based personal violence.

Questions, Comments, Interested?

Contact the OVW Grant Project Director & Prevention Education Specialist, Zach Gall, MA, LAC, NCC, at 609-771-2233 or 






Anti-Violence Initiatives has moved to a teletherapy format for the semester. Services are available by appointment and can be scheduled via the OWL portal.