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Hookup Bill of Rights

  • To choose who I am with and when.
  • To go only as far as I want sexually and then stop.  
  • To verbalize what I want sexually.  
  • To say “No” or “I don’t want to” if my partner wants to do something I don’t.  
  • To ask and know if my partner has a sexually transmitted disease.  
  • To have safe sex to prevent disease transmission or pregnancy.  
  • To be true to my values and beliefs about sex and sexuality.  
  • To have my values, beliefs, feelings, and limits respected by my partner.  
  • To be sober before and during a hookup.  
  • To express my opinions about what I mean by “hooking up” instead of accepting others’ definitions.
  • To ask my partner what he/she wants to do sexually.  
  • To listen for my partner’s answer before moving forward with my wants and needs.  
  • To respect my partner’s values, beliefs, feelings, and sexual limits.  
  • To stop when my partner tells me or gives me a sign that he/she is not comfortable with what is happening.  
  • To be honest and forthcoming if I have a sexually transmittable disease or risk of pregnancy.  
  • To not spread rumors that could damage the reputation of my hookup partners.
  • To communicate my preference for safe sex practices and have supplies available if needed.

Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, June 2006


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