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Types of Green Dots

Proactive Green Dots…

are little things you do to make it less likely that violence, or a red dot, will ever happen.

  • Attend a Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training
  • Bring a program to your organization meeting
  • Wear or display a Green Dot button, T-shirt, sticker, lanyard, or keychain, and explain to at least one person what it means.
  • Talk to a male friend of yours about the importance of men getting involved in violence prevention.
  • Bring a friend to an awareness event.
  • Write a paper about sexual assault, bullying, partner violence, or stalking in one of your classes to inform yourself about the problem.
  • Spend 15 minutes online learning about power-based personal violence experienced by college students.
  • Talk to a leader in a student organization that you are involved in and recommend that the membership take the Green Dot Bystander Training.
  • Talk to a female friend about the importance of women getting involved in violence prevention.
  • Post a message on Facebook about a Green Dot you did, a training you attended, or any other statement of support.


Reactive Green Dots…

are the choices you make in response to a situation that you think might be high risk or might eventually lead to something high risk

  • If you saw someone left behind by their friends, help them catch up to their group
  • Tell someone if you see their drink being spiked with a drug
  • If I hear someone yelling and fighting, I call 911.
  • If I see a friend or stranger grab, push or insult a potential victim, I say something, go get help or get someone else to.
  • If I see a friend take an intoxicated person up the stairs, I stop and ask what is going on – or create a distraction to interrupt the situation.
  • If someone appears upset, I ask if they are okay.
  • If I see hurtful information about someone I know online, I tell them about it.
  • If I hear what sounds like yelling or fighting through my dorm or apartment walls, I talk with a CA or someone else who can help.



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